Hi! My name is Patrick Hill, I am from New York City and work as a Software Developer.

I hold a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information System's (minor in Psychology) from Baruch College's well known Zicklin School of Business in 2015 and am currently attending Stevens Institute of Technology for my Master of Science in Computer Science

I love Android and am heavily involved in the Android Community. I am just now starting to get into Android App Development

I'm also a musician and have been playing bass guitar since I was 14. I have been blessed and have made a few of my dreams come true. I was endorsed by Spector basses, one of the best bass makers in the world. I have gotten to play at venues I use to dream about and have gotten to jam with people I looked up to and was a fan of as a kid. I've had a few jaw dropping experiences :)

I will write more later on.. If there is anything you want to know feel free to ask. Feel free to email me

You can also find me on Google+, Twitter and Linkedin