HTC One M7

Google Play Edition Conversion RUU

This will convert your HTC One M7 running sense into a Google Play Edition complete with updates from Google. Please read the support thread on XDA-Developers for more info
XDA-Developers Support Thread

Build: 5.0.1 LRX22C.H3 5.11.1700.3

5.0.1 Stock Non-Rooted GPE RUU

MD5: 85228bec6b95a613aef0304ad313a533

5.0.1 Stock Rooted GPE RUU

MD5: 5d8ab1cb9a4d0d3178af20d5aed6cf70

Build: 5.0.1 OTA Update Zip

MD5: 81cc5bb0d8e6d2811403610657ff6e63

Build: 5.0.1 Firmware

MD5: 2913b3bcd655a15a58efaf2bd92a8883

Build: 5.0.1 Stock Recovery

MD5: 9974387870d40b53aa3c4591c0025a16

Build: 5.0.1 Bootloader

MD5: 4abfd56d4eeec6d5ce06534ab53c0d21

Build: 4.4.2 - 3.62.1700.1

4.4.2 Stock Non-Rooted

MD5: e749514a216e7671e4ae74a2eeecdf35

4.4.2 Stock Rooted

MD5: 83aa7f486d661d4d4691092d64bdbd32